PROJECT1: Milling mobile CNC machines - financing and sales 

Description of the offer: 

The mobile machine is used for milling the planes of large steel structures that cannot be transported for machining (preparation of foundation frames, beds and bases during repairs and equipment upgrades) 

Design features 

Mobility - the machine consists of two parts weighing about 200 kg each (frame - Y axis, and traverse X axis with Z axis installed) and a control panel with quick-connect cables. This allows you to quickly load / unload and transfer the machine to the processing site using any light-duty transport, assemble, connect and start working within 2 hours 

Machine design

The frame and crosshead of the machine are made of cast steel with subsequent machining, HIWIN guides and bearings, ball screw movement, low-speed electric spindle, control - DSP controller. 

Financial indicators

The price of the EXW machine in Ukraine is $5000

PROJECT1: Milling portable  CNC machines - sale of new machines 

1. Dimensions of the disassembled machine (delivery condition) - 700mm x 1000mm x 3200mm 

2. Weight of the machine - 350 ... 400 kg 

3. Approximate number of machines in a 20-foot container (6 x 2.4 x 2.6) - 8 ... 10 pieces 

4. The cost of the machine in Ukraine - 4150 $

5. Selling price in Europe – 6000…8000 $ 

All machines will be assembled and tested on the territory of Ukraine, disassembled and packed according to delivery sets, warranty for components and spare parts.